November 7, 2011

A Trx twist on “Lemonade”. Enjoy… Shout-out to Patel1283 for transcribing the lyrics (down to the ad-libs!)

[Trx - Coconut Water (freestyle)]

Leh Go

Listen to Em!

Wassup (x10?) (giggles)


Test Date!

Chyea, listen, wassup, listen, wassup, listen, wassup, listen..

Lemme tell a story real quick,

I started at the knee high
I’m buzzin’ like a bee hive
Through ya fuckin’ speaker
This is my Koni Chi Wa (hello!)

Feel me like ya Levis,
I soak in like I’m deep fried
I rock stripes like a-di-das (zebra!)
I look Pitt like the Steelers (you get it!)

Fuck you and projection
My standard is perfection
My standard comes with message
You stand there but dont’ test it

They tried to 2nd guess it,
And they left lookin’ pathetic
Wont claim – that they regret it – I didn’t write this
I just said it..mann

I’m tired of the cheap talk,(I am) they should go beat box (they should)
I’m the doc that went missing cept’ I’m not on that detox (I’m not)

And this is what I’m doin’ – my life is like a movie,
You just a commercial, but don’t chyou go try ta’ sue me

Change the game I prolly will, new school Jackson thrill,
This is now and fuckin’ reall – this is how I fuckin’ feel

I don’t even need a deal, international appeal
I got what they killl fo’ so I fuckin’ just might as well
Build the mouthafuckin ark with a new fuckin arch
New day new start – zoo crew we zoo march (stampede)
We about to pop off like a fuckin’ pop tart (i’m hott!)
My undies ain’t tight but thesee skeptix they jock hard (keep goin)

Rock star rockstar- I told em’ that I rock hard
Catch me makin millz in a mutha-fukin cop car (ya gett it)
New cock block on my jock cause i talk hard
Crazy bitches crazy – they do what it take to stalk hard..

India’s on the fuckin’ map,
My people they can handle that,
This is history in the makin’
Can you go channel that? (uhh)

All is good – note to self
Music – i compose it well
My bars will be the reasons most criminals getta up outa jail (i’m free)

Sky walk – you miss and fell
The market I just sit and sale
These other rappers kiss and tell
They should hear @TheMrPatel

Quit with all the other jerks
I’m the one that said it first
You worth, is worth, to your work, which is what fuckin makes you’ work

Analyze my fuckin’ shit,
Even though it isn’t writ
I know I spit when i speak but you should know that it is legit

Nope I ain’t callin’ quits, you should get used to it
Nefa Zoo we makin hits – Move with the Movement bitch!

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